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Hello there,

Today I'm going to show you "How to get the IP of your Victim".The topic might scare you but its quite easy to be frank! You might often be using some kind of software or sometimes might even buys....but its all a waste in front of this Tutorial !

What is an IP ?

An IP (Internet Protocol) is something which can be used to find out the Computer's Location...Its like an address to the Computer with which a Hacker or even a lay man can be traced to his House.In short it is an address to a Computer location just like your House Address !

So now you will realize the Importance of an IP and finding out the IP...its like removing the clothes of a PC !

How to steal an IP ?

1.The first thing you have to do is go to
2.There you can create a free account !(The registration is really quick !)
3.Once you have registered and Confirmed you account,you can log into your "Newly Created account" !
4.Then you'll see an option "Software/Tools" on the Tab.Then click on "IP Stealer".You can check out the screenshot for that !

5.So then a new window will open up and then you can just refer to the screenshot given below !

6.So you just give this URL "" to your victim(Please DO NOT use this because I'll get the IP then.The URL is different for each and every account !)

7.When your victim visits this account.He will be automatically redirected to the website that you mentioned earlier and will have no clue that his IP was stolen !

8.You can also hide your URL to make it less suspicious.For ex. Go to Bit.Ly there you can shorten you URL and redirect the person to your IP Stealing URL.

I have created a link "" so the person thinks it is a download and clicks on it but when he clicks on it he is redirected to ""...

So here is a flow chart to make it easy

-------Redirects to Stealer------------------IP Stolen
Bit.Ly --------------------> IP Stealer --------------->

So finally after the whole process is over.You will get a log in your Account,which looks like this !

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