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How to Hack any PTCL Broadband user in Pakistan ?


Well here I am going to discuss a very easy and very effective way of hacking the PTCL Broadband users in Pakistan. As you all know the PTCL Broadband gives a Router ( some call it Modem) from which we connect to the internet. What exactly this Router is that it contain the settings about connecting the internet.

       The Hack goes like this that all the Routers have 3 ports open. Two of them are :

  •  Port 23 : Telnet Server Port.
  •  Port 80 : Http Server Port.
This is perfectly normal but the problem is that nearly all the user don't care to change the Default User Name and Password. So if you find the IP address of PTCL user then you can connect to these ports and do what ever with them that you want.

STEP 1: Finding the IP address.

Well this could be difficult. But there are two ways:

  1. First is to check your Public IP Address at and than scan the nearby IP addresses. e.g. If my IP address is than I would scan from to . Because we connect the internet with Dynamic IP addresses it means that nearby IP address would also be PTCL Broadband users. 
  2. The other way can be to run netstat -an command in command prompt to see the IP address of people whom you are chatting.                                                                                                          

STEP 2: Connecting to Telnet or Http Server.

Connecting to Telnet server: Well now when we have the IP address just goto start => RUN then type cmd.exe in it. and following screen will appear . Then type followin into it telnet {IP ADDRESS}.


The Default Username is: admin
The Default Password is: admin


Username is : user
Password is : user

Now after you have given the user name and Password following screen will appear  . Type "help" in it to get all the commands and to whatever with it. BUT BE IN LIMITS!!!!

screen shot of hacked router:

Connecting to Http server: Well all the steps are same but this time you use your browser to access the  router like show below.

The Default Username is: admin
The Default Password is: admin

and after that:

I take no responsibility of any stupid thing did by any one of you with this information. I just showed you how to do it. Best way of testing it is to hack your self like i Did in this tutorial.


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