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How To: Message on Facebook from any account.


Normally you receive a message from your friend on Facebook, but recently I found a very amazing Hack to send anyone message from whom-so-ever's account you want. This hack involve only basic knowledge of Facebook and computers.

Lets get Started.

For this trick first we need a Email Spoofing site, you could use or make your own site by following these easy steps >

Now we need two things for successfully sending a fake message:
  • The Primary email of the person from whom you want to send the email, you can easily get it from Profile page of the person or ask him.
  • The Username of the person whom you want to send the message. (like ) here the haseeblog is the username. So the Facebook email will be
Now you Just need to goto or your own email spoofing site that you had made. And fill the form. 

  • In From Email give the Primary email of the person from whome you want to send the email.
  • In To Email give the Facebook email of the person whom you want to send the message. E.g( , where haseeblog comes from the username of the user.)
Screen Shot:

The victim will receive message like this , the problem is that the other person will also get a warning but still it can impress any one or scare the hell out of someone. 

|NOTE: I am not responsible for any misuse of this information, I am just spreading the word.


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